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Ia juga seperti ketum yang memabuk dan mengkhayalkan sesiapa yang mencubanya.

Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi PKR, Latheefa Koya berkata kerajaan negeri Kelantan sepatutnya mengutamakan kebajikan di kalangan rakyat berbanding usaha untuk melaksanakan hukum hudud sebagaimana kedudukan zakat yang menjadi rukun Islam yang kedua selepas sembahyang.

According to the report, the CIA torture program included the use of brutal stress positions, extended sleep deprivation with bright light and loud noise, waterboarding, and shutting detainees inside coffins.

There was also the use of punitive "anal feeding" or "anal rehydration" and making the detainees suffer extreme pain as forcing those with broken leg bones to stand shackled against a wall.

Malah keuntungan tersebut diambil oleh Rosmah untuk membeli belah. Nauzubillah hebat fitnah Dajjal Rapussy dan khawarij!

Fitnah yang kecil umpama virus yang memamah akar umbi jika ia tidak dihapuskan maka ia semakin merebak dan akan merosak dan meruntuhkan sebuah pohon yang besar.

That these Americans are really sick people who would torment others just for their own gratification. Unfortunately the majority of Americans seem to agree with the administration on the use of these "enhanced interrogation techniques" as shown in surveys held recently.

Medical doctors and psychologists stand out as main collaborators providing "guidance" to the torturers carrying out their work.

They expressed outrage and lambasted their peers for falsely claiming that some of the torture methods were medically alright when in fact they were not.

The American Medical Association in a statement two weeks ago said that "the participation of physicians in torture and coercive interrogation is a violation of core ethical values." But due to the nature of the program it is impossible to pinpoint who these colluding professionals were since their names had been blacked out in the report.

One commentator then suggested that rape could now be classified as "enhanced dating technique"!

Coming back to the report what is evident is novel forms of torture were also brought upon these people detained at secret cells in several countries around the world.

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