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[I] Comte de Maurienne served Emperor Konrad II, after the emperor inherited the kingdom of Burgundy following the death in 1032 of King Rudolf III, and was rewarded with the grant of Chablais and Saint-Maurice en Valley.

Comte Amede V, older surviving son of Comte Thomas II, was chosen to succeed his father, in place of the infant son of his deceased older brother.

The Germans burnt the archives of the castles of Susa, Avellana and Turin at different times, including an episode in 1174 when Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" burnt all the title deeds of the house of Savoy.

Unfortunately, since compiling the earlier version of the present document, the State Archives of Turin have changed their website.

Humbert IIs son Comte Amede III recovered the county of Turin, although his own son Comte Humbert III was banished and his lands confiscated after he quarelled with Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa".

A settlement between the county of Savoy and the emperor was brokered by Guglielmo V Marchese di Monferrato, who acted as regent for the minor Comte Thomas I after the death of Humbert III.

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