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Unlike her predecessors, Toronto's Skye Sweetnam isn't here to bitch.She secures the complicated conch Fefe Dobson so briefly held with 13 songs about one thing, which is nicely summarized in the utterly inescapable hook to "Billy S." "Feel for once what it's like to rebel now," she says, and chases it with a 21st century twist on the Bard's phrasing: "To skip or not to skip/That is the question." Noise from the Basement doesn't dwell on weighty emotions, or prop its centerpiece up in entirely unrealistically sexy situations.But her self-awareness almost always wins out, and she's sometimes charming even when she gets her brattiness on."Billy S," in which she shrugs off Shakespeare and plans a full-on teenage rebellion, is goofy but entertaining.But the processing and sheen doesn't exactly spell disaster.

The band’s relentless touring schedule has taken them across both Europe and North America with the likes of Fozzy, Mushroomhead, Alien Ant Farm, Hed PE and Butcher Babies, to name but a few.

Juno nominee Skye Sweetnam signed to Capitol Records and EMI (Sony/ATV) Publishing at the age of fourteen.

Skye performed in over 25 countries and opened for Britney Spears for 50 dates on the Onyx Hotel Tour, all before her 17th birthday. Luke, Max Martin, The Matrix and Tim Armstrong (Rancid).

She appears to fully recognize the flimsiness of teen pop, her lyrics are sometimes amusing, and she often seems more self-aware than Lavigne.

The title might lead one to expect that the record would have a rough, un-processed sound, as if it were actually made by in her basement with a guitar and a tape recorder, like Liz Phair's "Girlysounds." In fact, there's enough processing and pop sheen on the record to alienate about 90% of rock fans right off the bat - if one wants an acoustic guitar or some lo-fidelity, he or she'll be hard-pressed to find it here.

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