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This group comprised 5.6 percent of the total population. 2.6 million The number of people age 5 and older who speak Chinese at home.

residents in 2011 who said they were Asian or Asian in combination with one or more other races.

This compares with a 44 percent increase in the population as a whole over the same period of time. They would comprise 9 percent of the total population by that year.‡ Large anomalies unrelated to guns: * In 1982, the city of Chicago instituted a ban on handguns.This barred civilians from possessing handguns except for those registered with the city government prior to enactment of the law.This research is based upon the most recent available data in 2016.Facts from earlier years are cited based upon availability and relevance, not to slant results by singling out specific years that are different from others.

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