Updating smartboard

Bob taught at Fort Herriman Middle School for four years teaching instrumental music.During that time he earned a Masters of Music from the University of Utah. (For some of you with icons filling every inch of your desktop this will be a challenge. ) Click on “Screen resolution” toward the bottom of the menu.You can show the class something on one screen by dragging the box to the right or left so that you drag it onto the second screen.Then, you can work with the box on the other screen that the students can’t see. Go to: If you’re using SMART’s Notebook software you have probably received an update notice.SMART Exchange – You can search SMART Exchange for almost any lesson you want. Go to: Teach – You can enter your search phrase (use something general) and then narrow it down by category. Go to: Materials – You’ll want to select the subject area in the left column. If you haven’t already received the notice you will.Symptoms you might experience after updating to SMART Notebook 15.1 software: After the installation is complete, if you notice any of the symptoms listed above you will need to install the following Windows update to resolve these issues.Go to support.microsoft.com/kb/2670838 to download the platform update for Windows 7 SP1 (KB2670838)Caution: Read the above article thoroughly as other steps might be required beyond installing the Windows update.

Whether they are minor fixes or major updates, they can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your teaching tool.You accessed this knowledge base article because you clicked the Update button in SMART Product Update trying to update your SMART Notebook software to SMART Notebook 15.1 collaborative learning software.This article outlines some issues you need to be aware of before completing the update.If you haven’t checked for firmware updates on your SMART Board, you are missing improvements to your user experience!Firmware is a small set of software on a hardware device.

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