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(His name did appear as composer after the copyright of the song was renewed in 1879.) It was of course Edwin P Christy who was credited as having 'written and composed' "Old Folks at Home," and Foster himself was responsible for this.

She remained with the Department of Education for 28 years, retiring July 1 1945.

The poem that later provided the words for the official state song first appeared on the cover of the October 1935 'School Bulletin'.

In recognition of her devotion to the young people of Alaska, Marie Drake received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Alaska in 1958. Composed in Pittsburgh and published in New York in October 1851, this was undoubtedly the most popular song and the one that earned STEPHEN COLLINS FOSTER (1826-1864) (and later his widow and daughter) the largest royalties from sheet-music sales.

Georgia also has an official state waltz, 'Our Georgia' (adopted in 1951).

This was Hawaii's former national anthem and now its state song.

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