Tips on updating your cv

Your email address should be straightforward and professional. If you have a Linked In profile — and if you're in the job market, you should have one — make sure it doesn't contradict any details or dates mentioned in your résumé."So many employers look at Linked In," Scarborough Civitelli says.First Name Resume.doc, Scarborough Civitelli says, and send it as an attachment only if requested.Avoid PDFs, as some electronic systems may not be able to read them."My résumé was in terrible shape," says Mann, of Bellevue, Wash., who was laid off in 2009 and is now 65."I really had no insights into how to update it and use it to find a new position." Along with being long-winded, jargon-riddled and poorly formatted, the record of his career was out of date.

Another tip is to organize your résumé chronologically so it's easy to follow.They key is to decide on an explanation to frame your path, however winding, in a way that makes sense.Suppose you left the legal field to work in nonprofit arts administration but then decided to return after a few years.Scarborough Civitelli warns against gaming the system by stuffing your curriculum vitae with keywords or sneaking them in using white text."The software will likely reject those tricks as fraud," she explains.

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