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For every business imaginable, there might be hundreds (or thousands) of competitors who have already launched and gained a following of devoted customers.New online businesses can easily drown in the sea of entrepreneurs all trying to gain traffic and sales.There is Metropolitan Council Public Transit bus service in area.(I’m not sure if I am allowed to give it out on POF).It across the street from the Skyscape condominium building that is being built between Portland and Park on 10th street.The coffee shop does sell books, jewelry, candles, and other art work too.Average Member Brings Along 3 Guests if someone begged me to go i just might show up.other than that it is halloween weekend and there are a ton of partys and other places too be..of the year for this gettogether is right..possibly the wrong weekend This should be a low cost event for anyone who comes.

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As of Sunday October 22, 2006 there are 2471 views and forty people (27 men and 13 women) signed up to attend this event.There is some good food at the coffee shop as well as in the area.The Flapjacks and friends band, a bluegrass traditional & originals, is playing Friday October 27, 2006 7- 10 pm at e.Take lots of photos so we can share the success of our party with everyone on POF.If you go to the coffee shop’s website a map is provided or go to map quest on the address (609 South 10th street , Minneapolis , MN 55404) too.

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