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The Germanic confederation of the Alemanni attempted to cross the Rhine several times in the 4th century, but were repelled, one such event being the Battle of Solicinium (368).

However, in the great invasion of AD 406, the Alemanni appear to have crossed the Rhine river a final time, conquering and then settling what is today Alsace and a large part of the Swiss Plateau.

In 1412 (or earlier), the well-known guesthouse Zum Goldenen Sternen was established.

Basel became the focal point of western Christendom during the 15th century Council of Basel (1431–1449), including the 1439 election of antipope Felix V.

The Bishop also allowed the furriers to establish a guild in 1226.

Eventually about 15 guilds were established in the 13th century.

Based on the evidence of a third solidus with the inscription Basilia fit, Basel seems to have minted its own coins in the 7th century.

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The city was plundered and destroyed by a Magyar invasion of 917.The bridge was largely funded by Basel's Jewish community which had settled there a century earlier.For many centuries to come Basel possessed the only permanent bridge over the river "between Lake Constance and the sea".Basel has been the seat of a Prince-Bishopric since the 11th century, and joined the Swiss Confederacy in 1501.The city has been a commercial hub and important cultural centre since the Renaissance, and has emerged as a centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the 20th century.

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