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He says he is yet to receive the R25 per registration promised by the government.

Pic/Bipin Kokate Sudden, abrupt shutdown Forty-one-year-old Prakash Nadar, who ran a registration centre since June 2016, enabled with a ramp to add ease-of-access for the disabled, says he was asked to shut his centre a few months ago.

Prakash Nadar, 41, ran an Aadhaar registration centre at Worli, enabled with a ramp for the disabled.

It opened in June 2016 but was shut down a few months ago.

However, he says he will only operate between Khar and Santacruz.

With Aadhaar kits now GPS enabled, he does not venture far from his core area. He won't help you with the documents that are needed to get a registration in the first place. I can only help those who have valid original documents for identification as stated in UIDAI.

I scan these and register the applicants, as per the norms." The reason for home visits, he clarifies, is that, "Some people have to leave home early in the morning for work.

Some are bedridden/disabled and banks do not give more than 20 tokens in a day, so I help." However, not anyone, Oza says, can become an operator.

Banks step in With private centres facing the shutters, banks and government institutions, such as the collector office, the BMC ward offices, post offices, etc., are now doubling up as enrolment centres.

Because there are only limited registrations per day, the security guards at banks hand out tokens to the first 20 who arrive.

Iyer says he lucked out when he realised that the centre in Mulund was, in fact, the bank where he holds an account.

"I asked them to help me procure the token in an expedient manner." Even then it took him three weeks to complete the registration.

"There were a lot of hiccups because, it seems, the Aadhaar site would often get overloaded.

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