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Establishing transportation corridors to the Pacific Coast was vital to the fur trade.Guided through the Athabasca Pass by Thomas the Iroquois, David Thompson was instrumental in surveying many routes through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.The pristine landscape of mountain tundra, marine coasts, boreal forests, islands and rivers are home to numerous boreal species.For thousands of years, ancient human cultures have also called this place home.Hear birdsong; imagine genteel ladies on the croquet lawn.Spread a picnic amid the tranquil past in an historic setting in Charlottetown.The first northerly route through Howse Pass was quickly blocked by the Pikani Tribe in 1810 forcing Thompson to trek through a more challenging route through Athabasca Pass near Jasper, Alberta.It was used for nearly half a century as part of the main fur trade routes from Canada to the coast.

Back-dropped by the Rocky mountains – it’s a true Alberta experience!

Traverse Akshayuk Pass, a natural corridor through a landscape of towering rock - a haven for experienced mountaineers and backcountry skiers.

Spot snow geese, Arctic foxes, and human-shaped Inuksuit basking in Midnight Sun.

Located on Banff Avenue in the heart of the town of Banff, the Banff Park Museum – a.k.a.

the “University of the Hills” – houses more than 5,000 historic botanical and zoological specimens.

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