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Then when we found out who she was at the end of the game... I thought it ruined the entire character of Izanami and her role in the epilogue was really stupid.It turned the entire game into her story and took the power and awe away from the actual villain of the tale.She felt like some sort of self-insert fan-fiction Mary Sue character somehow hijacked the plot to Persona 4.Plus, while the whole "bad poetry" thing was amusing at first, it got really annoying when I just want to fuse some personas dammit.It's not like a VN where the "good end" and "true end" are different endings worth getting.The good ending may as well be considered another bad ending. But yes, maxing all the social links will be way easier with your stats already maxed.A Mary Sue is a female character who is basically there for the express purpose of beeing saved/helped by the protagonist Noo, that's not what it is.

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You should never get anything but the "True Ending". If you're playing Golden you should do the Accomplice Ending because Adachi is such an asshole that it becomes amazing.

- - - Updated - - - To clarify, the term apparently origined in Star Trek from a parody character, this being a definition from 1976: Mary Sue stories—the adventures of the youngest and smartest ever person to graduate from the academy and ever get a commission at such a tender age.

Usually characterized by unprecedented skill in everything from art to zoology, including karate and arm-wrestling.

This character can also be found burrowing her way into the good graces/heart/mind of one of the Big Three [Kirk, Spock, and Mc Coy], if not all three at once.

She saves the day by her wit and ability, and, if we are lucky, has the good grace to die at the end, being grieved by the entire ship.

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