Online dating after first meeting with ex

He would never divorce her, he said: it would cost him too much.Tom lived a thwarted life, it seemed to me, imprisoned by his wealth. Lose some weight and start looking after yourself physically.

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He was shocked I’d never married nor had children, and incredulous that I had gone back to live so close to the home town we’d both yearned to escape.

We chugged through the dusk on a B-road in his mother’s battered Mini, swapping stories of our day at school.

We laughed about how much we hated Voltaire (we were studying him for French A-level), and decided to pop into town to buy the Eagles’ Hotel California album we both wanted.

I asked what he meant: predictably, he took the absence of a husband and children in my life as evidence of failure.

I think maybe that is what I had hoped for — that the rediscovery of someone so significant in my youth might shine an interesting light on that past and provide the opportunity for a profound new friendship.

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