No credits needed sex cam

We received 5 emails and based on purchasing a thousand credits it would cost us per email to reply back to the women.

A single parent earning the national living wage, the estimates say, is now £67 a week below the standard, and a family with one breadwinner on a minimum wage pay packet is £120 below the standard.

It put the amount needed to meet a minimum standard at £17,900 for a single person; £20,400 each for a working couple with two children, bringing the required joint income over the £40,000 mark for the first time; and £25,900 for a lone parent with a pre-school child.

According to the Rowntree calculations, two parents earning the national living wage of £7.50 an hour would be £59 a week short of its income standard.

Why would any women be interested in contacting us if they don't know what we look like (see proof of of empty profile below)?

Is it possible that they get paid to chat with us and string us along so we burn through credits that much quicker?

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