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After this happens you should be able to restore it from deleted and then clear the “Immutable Id”.Unfortunately, this does not work and nothing I did would allow me to clear it.But once I successfully moved it, it fired up, but I had to do the authoritative restore again (seems like you should be prepared to do this often in Azure).

You have to make the ADFS server a part of the ADFS farm, then make it the primary server.

The last gotcah was that I put the Azure VM in our non-gold partner subscription (the one with K to use), mainly because we didn’t have it setup at the time.

Moving the VM was a bit painful (hint, you do not need to download the VHD, let Azure move it directly between subscriptions).

Creating the Domain Controller and Moving the Roles Once the VPN was working and all the firewall allow rules were setup I was able to promote the Azure VM to a DC.

Once that once done I was able to move all the DC roles to the Azure VM.

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