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However, I’ve been bringing it back into my diet at long last. I just made a tofu quiche on Monday night, with kale and fresh basil.Quiche is great when it’s hot out because it can be eaten at any temperature. Reply I think you would be amazing at teaching some vegan cooking classes!! Will definitely give it a try, so thanks for sharing!About how much almond flour/ meal did you get from 1 cup of almonds? Reply Quiche has always been a favorite food of mine!Not sure about the crust changes – I’ve only made it this way so far. I can imagine it’s nice to have some advice from people who can relate. It’s amazing to see such a delicious, vegan version of a dinner that’s been a family classic for years. I often dream about working from home but I can imagine it would get a little isolating. I’ve never had quiche with tofu but I’d be willing to give it a try. I’m part of a similar one here, and it’s amazing how no matter how different two businesses can be, there are so many experiences that are the same. :) Reply I am so glad to be a part of this group too!

Reply Hey Lesley, I wasn’t eating tofu for a while because I was trying to figure out the cause of my allergic reaction earlier this year.

It’s so easy to put together and really is good for any meal of the day. I love that you use almonds for the crust and that the main ingredient is tofu! The crust can break a bit if sliced warm, but when sliced cold it holds up great. Reply I did this tonight and my crust didn’t exactly “hold-up”. It only cracked a little during the pre-bake, it didn’t completely fall apart.

Reply Hey Jill, I didn’t try freezing it (didn’t last that long! Unless you’re planning on eating it with your hands it’s no biggie.

And do you agree that running a food related business from home is especially difficult?

Every time you open the fridge and see the bags of produce, you’re reminded that you have work to do!

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