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Robin Clapp, Sweden I’ve been working with human rights, gender, development and peace for about 20 years now, first in academic settings in Sweden and Italy and later in non-governmental organizations in Belgium and Denmark.

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The EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) Field Office Zugdidi (FOZ) hosted the 63rd Information Sharing Meeting (ISM).At that time it was very popular for Estonians to spend their holidays here.Our two countries have very close ties, and have done so for decades...EUMM marks with pleasure Human Rights Day 2018, which is also the last of the Sixteen Days of Activism.Every year, the 10th of December reminds us of the day in 1948 when representatives of the newly created United Nations came together to agree on a ‘common standard of achievement’ for governments’ treatment of their own populations, in the wake of the horrors of WW II...

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