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The relationship ended when Amanda left the country with their baby. After realizing the truth about the abuse, Amanda divorces Ralph and returns to town to become closer to her daughter again.

She begins volunteering at the homeless shelter where Mac used to stay. Knowing she is close to Katherine Chancellor, Ralph takes advantage of this and blackmails Amanda into stealing things from the Chancellor house.

History Alex arrived in Genoa City to work on an important case for Newman Enterprises and the firm's boss Victor Newman was immediately impressed by the way she was doing business.

He lives in a high rise apartment with no furnishings but a card table, two chairs and a futon, in an attempt to return to a minimalist way of life from his younger years. Sean seems to have a lot of connections in his past, counting entertainers Lionel Richie and B. While Jill remained wary of this hot younger man and his motives, he managed to sweep her off her feet.

He then kidnapped Katherine, but Amanda's new boyfriend, Larry Warton, rescued her. Meanwhile, Frederick sought comfort in the arms of Jill Abbott, but their relationship did not evolve.

Ralph had plans to get his revenge on Mac, but Larry stopped him in time. History Detective Hank Weber arrived on the scene when Diane Jenkins was involved in a fire at the Abbott poolhouse. Frederick was the first family member to see Brittany stripping in Bobby Marsino's strip club.

I was caught in the middle of a power struggle between [executive producer Edward] Scott and [head writer Kay] Alden.

Everyone at the show has been more than supportive of my situation, and I do realize that this decision has less to do with Chris Douglas, per say [sic] and more to do with a difference of opinion between an executive producer and head writer.

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