Dating with genital wart

The truth is, STIs are not rare and shouldn’t be shocking, regardless of the whole “but it can’t happen to me” thing.

My doctor was prepared to give me a prescription, but she couldn’t do it without my Mom knowing.

I was peeing in the bathroom at work, and as the pee dripped down, it felt like there was ... The topography of my genitals seemed to have changed overnight.

I knew very little about sexual health or my own body at that point, but I knew enough to know that this was no good.

And I couldn’t stand the thought of any more of her stinging comments. Doctor Dan hung out in the sushi bar where I worked.

He sipped Mai Tais and stumbled from the bar to the men’s room, frequently, doing lines on the sink.

”It took a month or two of telling myself “that’s not what it is!

If you are going to have sex, you need to use protection, if you don’t then blah blah blah. My lab results were in—and in addition to the lovely genital warts, I also had chlamydia.

I left work early that day to see my gyno, who very casually confirmed my self-diagnosis, noting breezily that "it's really going around the city this summer." She gave me the spiel — genital warts are a form of the human papilloma virus, which you probably know as HPV.But the thing that seemed to matter was that he had a sex positive attitude toward STIs. It started with a weird feeling in my vulva (you'll notice that no good story ever begins with the phrase "weird feeling in my vulva").It probably wasn’t the best thing for the STI, but emotionally, looking at iridescent crystal hearts in the mirror, I felt better.It was about re-connecting with this part of my body that I felt so bad about, that felt disowned, that made me feel like a monster.

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