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This protects both collectors and the companies who registered the marks.

The information for this page was compiled with the assistance of the British Public Record Office, and the British Designs Registry Office.

Backstamps can sometimes be very difficult to decipher as can just be seen in the image bottom left which shows a printed mark on a piece of Copeland and Garrett agate ware.

When assessing the age and value of a Copeland Spode china piece, it is helpful to divide the company's history into four distinct periods of ownership, beginning with the start of the Spode company's business until 1833.

At this point, Spode craftspeople did not always mark their pieces, but typically did so in red paint.

You can revisit the first blog on this subject on Dating Your Spode Pieces to find information about dating pieces with examples of Spode backstamps.

There are hundreds of recorded backstamps on Spode wares in the history of the company so I will add occasional information about different ones.

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