Dating after divorce with teenage children

Could I experiences in their post-divorce dating years – everything from the Bad Boys, and the No-Strings-Attached Fun Fests, to the transitional First Love After Divorce.As to that last, I will mention that some get stuck here, remarry without fully healing, and are later sorry.And they still do – because they’re my children, and they’re invested in my happiness, as I am in theirs. If your kids live with you even part time, you’re probably juggling a lot of balls in the air, attempting to balance the time you spend dating your boyfriend with the time and care you give to your kids.During those times, I took a hiatus from all of it.When we’re starting over, don’t we need time to heal and retool? Since my son encouraged me to date, that took care of that.Some children may be comfortable with our online dating, our going out, our parade of coffee or drink encounters, or fix-ups for those who still engage in the personal introduction. They’re threatened, they’re jealous, they’re conflicted. Sometimes, they can be more on target when it comes to judging who we’re dating than we are.

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Do you know which tendency your child is likely to experience?

I imagine I would’ve provided reassurances that he and his brother were my priority, but adults need company their own age – just like kids.

I am reassured by what my children have told me over the years.

Clearly, my teenager’s dispassionate assessment was on target, and my own was off.

I should have paid more attention to my son’s excellent instincts.

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