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In her victim impact statement, she said that she suffered months of uncertainty alone, unwilling to burden her friends and family with the "HIV scare" until she found out she was negative.The woman said she also has trouble leaving the house and fears strangers.The virus was essentially undetectable in his blood. Alex Wong, an infectious diseases specialist in Regina, told CBC news people often wrongfully assume that HIV-transmission is automatic."For people who are HIV-positive who are responsible, i.e.

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Caroline Carberry QC, prosecuting, told Lewes Crown Court said: "He was extremely concerned and upset about this and repeatedly asked Darryll Rowe whether he was clean which he said he was.

A HAIRDRESSER from Edinburgh deliberately infected at least four men with HIV after meeting them on gay dating app Grindr - before sending them mocking messages, a court heard.

Daryll Rowe, 26, is accused of embarking on a "cynical campaign" to infect as many men as he could with the virus.

"Adding a condom to that equation really negligibly changes the risk, because the risk to begin with is approaching zero or basically zero," said Dr. Wong says it's significant that prosecutors in this case recognized that medical advances had reduced transmission risk, despite the lack of condom use, to the point an aggravated sexual assault charge wasn't justified for that reason.

At the sentencing hearing in May, both the Crown and Defence recognized that the victim's fear of transmission could be considered an aggravating factor in the sentence.

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