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But no matter how often this communication happens -- and whether it's in person, on the phone or over e-mail -- the crucial thing is to keep it up regularly.

It shouldn't be a special occasion to have an honest conversation.

Institutionalizing family reliance in Singapore's welfare approach penalized lower-income older adults with little family support from accessing subsidies, and left some living on the margins.

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Using an ethnographic approach in a neighbourhood (n = 109), we conducted focus groups with older adults of different ethnicities, exploring experiences of social participation.

However, we believe that everyday applications – such as chat programs or operating systems – can also take advantage of affective computing principles to make themselves more accessible for older adults, via communication enhancement.

In this thesis, we document a variety of work in the field of developing human-computer interfaces for the older adult user, and the various requirements each of these studies confirm regarding human-computer interaction design for the elderly.

Affective computing gives current researchers in HCI a useful opportunity to develop applications with interfaces that detect mood and attention via nonverbal cues and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Current work in affective computing applications with older adult users points to possibilities reducing feelings of loneliness in the older adult population via these affective applications.

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