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The oldest building in the monastery is Hrelyo Tower from 14th century.monastery details The monastery was established in 1083 by the Great Domestik of Western Byzantine Garrisons, the Georgian, Grigorii Bakuriani.The monastery was one of the main centers of Hesychasm and it was a shelter to many monks in the 14th century.There was a secret storeroom for food and arms, which was the reason why rebel leaders Priest Hariton and Bacho Kiro used the monastery as their fortress at the time of the April uprising.monastery details Ivanovo Rock Monastery was established in the twenties of 13th century by the monk Yakim.During the whole period of Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the monastery had developed strong relationships with the kings of Tarnovo.He built there a monastery dedicated to the icon St.

The Kapinovo Monastery was established in 1272 during the reign of the king Konstantin Assen-Tih(Quiet) (1257-1277).

monastery details Dragalevtsi Monastery was mentioned for the first time in the Vitosha golden-printed deed of the famous Bulgarian king Ivan Shishman (1371-1393).

It revealed that the monastery had been established during the reign of Ivan Alexander (1331-1371), which means the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The Klisura Monastery offers accommodation at reasonable prices.

monastery details The Aladzha rock monastery is situated only a few kilometers south of the Riviera Holiday Club sea resort and 2 km of Golden Sands seaside resort. At present, the remains of 20 residential premises and three churches, which were cut out on two levels in the almost 40-meter high limestone rock and connected via an external staircase dug into the rocks, will fascinate the visitor.

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