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The ports system uses fetch to download the files, which honors various environment variables, including FTP_PASSIVE_MODE, FTP_PROXY, and FTP_PASSWORD.You may need to set one or more of these if you are behind a firewall, or need to use an FTP/HTTP proxy.

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Doing so saves disk space and minimizes the chance of problems later when upgrading to the newer version of the port. Using only make install means there will potentially be many waiting periods between user interaction as the default behaviour is to prompt the user for options. When using config-recursive, the list of ports to configure are gathered by the all-depends-list make(1) target.This command also works in the lower level categories, such as /usr/ports/net.Note that if a port depends on libraries or other ports, this will not fetch the distfiles of ports from another category.Since lsof is a program that runs with increased privileges, a security warning is shown.During the building and installation of ports, take heed of any other warnings that may appear.

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