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According to the Nemours Foundation, left-sided sleeping during pregnancy: People who experience heartburn may find relief from nighttime symptoms by sleeping on their left side.

When you are on your left side, the stomach is positioned below the entrance to the stomach from the esophagus (called the cardiac sphincter).

That price is about 21 times higher than the property’s last assessed value earlier this year of .50 a square foot.But Google and its development ally Trammell Crow have paid an average of 37 percent more to acquire properties near Diridon Station for the planned Google village than Trammell Crow paid two years ago for a large property deal in the area, this news organization’s analysis of county property records shows.Those prices are far beyond what some sellers ever dreamed.If you have questions about how your position during sleep can affect your health, speak to your doctor.The internet search giant’s plan to expand into San Jose with a new campus employing up to 20,000 Googlers near the Diridon train station and SAP Center could take years to become a reality, if the company moves ahead with plans to build.

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