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However, it’s still a dumb reason to be obsessed with Latinas because not all of them have curly hair.Some Black men are obsessed with Latinas because of the language.About three years ago, I penned a piece on SBM titled, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?Since today effectively ends Hispanic Heritage Month, I thought I would post it again with some thoughts three years removed. I’m going to post the piece in its entirety and then provide commentary.However, keep in mind that just because you have access to something new does not mean you are predisposed to partake.(Example: I’m not on Instagram.) Ever get the feeling that Black men are the same way with Latinas?They seem to drop Black women like an old kickball and move onto the new shiny thing they see.I think the short answer to the question, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas is, yes. I’ve personally said to my friends, “I really don’t think Black women like me.” I believe that people typically will date the people in their environment.

I hope you guys enjoy the post, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?I remember as a child I would just get so tickled at, “it was dry and straight, now it’s wet and curly!” I still find this amusing today over 20 years later.Some people find Spanish, Italian or Portuguese to be a more romantic language.However, this has nothing to do with Latinas, I think it’s just that it’s in a different language.

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