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Is it better to define it based on the perception of the viewer?

Clearly, an individual’s moral training and values will influence the conclusion drawn.

Estimates vary, but the consensual view is that the majority of Western men and many women use pornography in their sexual activity (e.g., Træen & Daneback, 2013) and consider the use of pornography acceptable (Carroll et al., 2008).

For example, in a study of 2,381 adult men and women aged 18-59 years, 80 per cent reported using pornography at least once.

Half the sample reported using pornographic materials in the last year.

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For example, in the recent Australian Sexual Health Survey (Mitchell, 2014), ‘sexting’ and exchanging sexually explicit photos was found to be a common part of teenage sexual behaviour and courtship.Interestingly, many studies report a gender difference in terms of the primary motivation for pornography use, with men typically citing increased arousal during masturbation and women reporting it as an adjunct to lovemaking (Bridges & Morokoff, 2011).Given the explosion in online access via mobile technologies it is not surprising that the demographic pattern of pornography use is changing, with 90 per cent of 8-16 year olds reporting having viewed pornography online (Family Safe Media, 2015).However, it can also relate to portrayals of sexual activity that are regarded as offensive, and possibly, criminal.Clearly, the definition of pornography has a subjective component, and this component can only be understood within a cultural context.

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